Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday's Fifteen . . . W

1. Wisteria - it not only is a beautiful flower, it smells lovely as well.
2. Wisdom - I pray for it daily, and God has answered this prayer time and time again.
3. Winning - who doesn't like to win!
4. Warmth - I am so thankful for anything warm on these cold winter days.
5. Winter - Although it is not my favorite season, winter certainly does have its charms.
6. White chocolate - YUMMM!
7. Will - a great stepdad-in-law
8. Waffles - A breakfast favorite of mine.
9. Walks - I love walking, especially when I have a friend to walk with.
10. WalMart - of course.
11. Windows - especially the one in front of my kitchen sink.
12. Whoppers - a favorite of my daddy's and now of mine also.
13. Washington DC - such a neat place to visit.
14. Worschestershire sauce - a favorite seasoning of mine.
15. Wonderful husband - who took me out for a date last night.

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