Friday, October 17, 2008

History Projects

This year, each student had to make an Indian dwelling, or weapon and then write about them. They did a great job. Some were very creative! Of course, there were a lot of teepees.

This one was made on a lego base.
This was made almost entirely of play-dough.
I loved the real fur on this one.
This one was also very creatively arranged.
This is one of several bow and arrows that were brought in.

There were a couple of tomahawks.There was one spear.

And then there were the other dwellings, like this adobe pueblo. It's amazing what one can do with cardboard, spray paint, sand, and imagination.

This grass hut was also displayed.This wigwam was fascinating because it was made out of birch bark, just like the real ones were. I tried to get a good picture of the inside, but could not. This student told in his writing about the beds made of cornhusks and fur, and then he used real ones to make a little bed next to the fire pit in the wigwam. It was all very authentic looking.Some Indians lived in dirt lodges like this one.And still others lived in round hogans like this.

I was so proud of all my students! They did a tremendous job.


  1. Super, super cool! That's something the kids will never forget!

  2. Very neat!! Almost can't wait to have my own school age kids. Let's not rush it though!


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