Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday's Fifteen. . . T

My mind is kind of blank tonight, so we'll have to see what I can come up with.

1. Toys - I know that they are supposed to be for kids, but I can't help but like playing with them myself. I especially like the ones that make noise.
2. Toilets - You really don't know what a blessing they are until you have to live with an outhouse for several years.
3. Tranquility
4. Twila Drummond - my amazing mother. Where would I be without her positive influence?
5. Twizzlers - a yummy snack.
6. Thoenes - the authors, they write some incredible books.
7. Talents - the talents I see in others, and the ones with which God has blessed me.
8. Trust - both of friends and God
9. True love - What can I say? I am in love, and its lovely.
10. Trumpet - I don't play one, but I love to listen to trumpet music.
11. Trains - my grandpa Drummond loved them, and every time I see one, I think of him.
12. Tickles - I love to hear someone giggle when they are tickled. Just don't tickle me!
13. Tables - can you imagine eating off the floor?
14. Taste - what if we couldn't taste anything? Aren't you glad we can!
15. Tamborines - I love the cheerful rythm they make.

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