Tuesday, September 2, 2008

McCain/Palin Rally

This is a fox news guy that I shook hands with.
Sarah Someone who is a big country singer. She needed to use clear stick deoderant. She had huge white clumps every time she raised her hands.
Big and Rich country music star. I brought two students from PVBI with Beth and I and one recieved his guitar pick he used in this picture. He wrote a song called "Raising McCain". It is available for a free download at JohnRich.com it is pretty good and he wants it blarring from every car and truck in the US.
This is the "tiniest Republican, but the biggest supporter" according to Big and Rich. He was on stage and dancing. This photograph is almost actual size.
Lynn Swan, Hall of Fame Pittsburg Steelers player, ABC sports news broadcaster, and Republican Governor nomanee from last election (he lost).
Former PA Governer Tom Ridge, I got to shake his hand.
This is the McCain tour bus as it arrives and the disembarque.

I shook everyone's hand that is is this picture.
I shook everyone's hand that is in this picture and got both adults signatures on my poster. It said Palin Proud. I forgot to get a picture of it, so I might get one and post it tomarrow.


  1. Jason, I am TOTALLY TOTALLY jealous!!!! What a FANTASTIC opportunity you had!!!!! Wow.


  2. You ARE lucky! That's really cool that you got to shake hands with, get autographs of and take pictures of them!


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