Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday's Fifteen. . . P

1. People - I'm very thankful for them, and they are definitely a part of my life!

2. Plants - I like them and think they are beautiful. The green thumb thing is something that I am not personally familiar with, though.

3. Prayer - I am so glad that we have a heavenly Father that we can talk to at anytime!

4. Penn View - had a very important part in making me into the person I am today.

5. Pastors - I have been blessed with many good ones over the years.

6. Penguins - Even the pink kind!

7. Purple - my favorite color.

8. Pupils - as in students, not the part of the eye!

9. Parasols - I was so excited when Mom and Dad bought Charity and I a pink personalized one years ago.

10. Psalms - One of my favorite books of the Bible.

11. Parakeets - I really enjoyed them in my classroom last year.

12. Peaches - I made peach cobbler from fresh peaches yesterday. YUM!

13. Parties - I am looking forward to one for my nephew's first birthday on Saturday.

14. Pictures - Memories on paper.

15. Putt-putt golf - One of my favorite date activities.

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