Thursday, July 24, 2008


Two Saturdays ago, we went to the Philly zoo with Jeremy, Trisha, and family. We had lots of fun. Unfortunately, because Jason has to take pictures to work and post them in his spare time, you don't get to see them until now!
This picture is poor quality, but really interesting. In the nocturnal section of the zoo, they had several different types of bats. This is a vampire bat. It was lunch time. Do you know what they eat? My third and fourth graders would find it fascinating. Others of you might not. They eat/drink blood, hence the name Vampire. Anyway . . . Jason thought it was really neat.
We couldn't believe how big Brandon is getting!
This picture reminded me of my brothers!
We also went to the Liberty Bell, and Jason was able to take this picture of Independence Hall.
Umm . . . this is the Liberty Bell.
I love Daddy-son pictures!
I have never seen a hot-air balloon disguised as a tiger before!

Jeremy, Trisha, DJ, and Brandon.

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