Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Independence Weekend

I am just going to post the pictures and a brief description about that picture. As for the details about the trip, I will let Bethany do that in the next post.

I don't know what flower this is, but I do have a crazy fascination with close up pictures.
Ummm, this is a bee.
There was a band concert at Longwood that was very good, my favorite song that they played was Phantom of the Opera.
Here is some fireworks at Rehoboth Beach, they started early because of rain, and this was one of the best shots I got because it got dark quickly.
This is near where the fountain shows took place. Du Pont had a fascination with moving water...I am glad he did.
This picture was taken by me with a tripod and a timer...aren't I lucky!
We had lunch at the Longwood Gardens picnic area. It was nice and spacious, but not as nice as the picnic Beth prepared for us.
This is the Navy helicopter at the Helicopter Museum. The helicopters outside was great, but the ones inside were junk. It defiantly is not worth a buck to enter the doors.
This is the chimes tower. Every hour it rings and you hope you are not in it.
This is just to the right as you enter Longwood Gardens.
This is the conservatory just inside the front entrance.
Here are some lilies.
This is the "Jason" flower.
This is the gazebo that was there, it is where Bethany was two pictures down.
There was a mini fountain show that they had at noon. It was nice, but not as good as the night show. At night it was lighted and was a bit better. However, because it was at night the pictures did not turn out.
These are some of the restrooms at Longwood, nice restrooms, huh!
This is my wife, in the gazebo.
This is a picture of the Italian Gardens, it is my most favorite part of Longwood Gardens.
This is a part of the Italian Gardens; the previous picture I am actually standing above this.

This is a picture of the entrance to the restaurant at Longwood Gardens.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful weekend!! Lucky both of you indeed! Glad you were able to get away for the weekend.

  2. Hello! It looks like you saw some beautiful things! Fun! :)


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