Friday, July 25, 2008

Fridays Fifteen . . . O

1. Optimists - I am not one, but am grateful for their viewpoint.

2. Osikova - a little village in Ukraine where I spent a lot of my growing up years.

3. Oddysey - we spent many, many long hours of deputation listening to this "classic radio show for the whole family."
4. Open air museum - An outdoor museum that we went to ocassionally in Ukraine. I loved to take pictures of the windmills.
5. "Ornery" Christian Soldiers - One of my brother Andy's favorite songs when he was little.
6. Ornaments - I love the Christmas tree ornaments Jason and I are slowly collecting. You can tell a lot about a family by how they decorate their Christmas tree.
7. Opera - I know that it is really loud and obnoxious at times, but it takes a lot of vocal talent to perform opera well. I love to listen to it, and admire that talent.
8. - a favorite shopping website.
9. Old Bay Seasoning - a family favorite spice. We used it on popcorn.
10. Onion rings - I made homemade ones a couple of weeks ago. They were delicious.
11. Othello - a game I grew up watching every Christmas. I am learning to play it for myself, now.
12. Oscar the grouch - I was called this occasionally as a child.
13. Only A Boy Named David - One of my favorite kid's songs.
14. Organ music - I love the sound of a pipe organ echoing through a cathedral.
15. Operation THINK - a kid's computer game that I played when I was young, and my students play now.

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