Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday's Fifteen . . . M

1. Mom - an amazing woman, great at so many things!

2. Mail - both electronic and otherwise.

3. Mornings - I am learning to like them.
4. Maps - without them, I'd be lost!
5. Mysteries - I love Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.
6. Morfords - They are a good crew!
7. Marriage - I am so happy to be married to Jason.
8. Mille Bourne - an old family favorite game.
9. Money - I know that the love of it is the root of all evil, but I am thankful for it when used properly!
10. Miracles - I have seen them in my own life, and know that God cares about me!
11. - an awesome website for holiness people of all ages.
12. Mercy - where would we be without it?
13. Mini vacations - we are leaving for one on Thursday. (I am writing this ahead of time.)
14. Monopoly - another favorite game.
15. Montgomerys - also a great clan to be related to!

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