Saturday, July 26, 2008

Delaware, Dad, and Day trip. . .

Today I (Bethany) went with Kirk to DE, to see Dad who is in the States due to his mom's poor health. We are also able to visit with Grandma and some other family members. We are staying up here tonight, and then heading home tomorrow after church. Since there is wireless available, I thought that I would post pictures now so that you all could see them before they are out of date!
We went to the Salisbury zoo. After that we went to the park for awhile. The pics are in reverse order.

Charity was in the mood for a photo shoot. Some of her pictures turned out really well. We were all glad when she put the camera away, though.


I have such adorable nephews!



David was pestering us while we tried to pose for a picture. So, Charity took one of him. Yes, the flower in his hair is intentional!

Once again, David had to make his presence known.

What a beautiful lady!

I absolutely love this picture of Charity, even though she didn't want me to blog it because "I'm not dressed for pictures."

Rachel with her most favorite pose!

Aren't they a wonderful couple?

Daddy and me!

Dad got to see Danny for the first time yesterday. I think he makes a great Grandpa, don't you?

I love my lil' sister's smile.

Awwww. . .

Mom, this pose is for you. We told Dad that he should pick a flower and kneel on one knee holding the flower out in front of him, but he decided against it, asking if we wanted him to be a "blooming idiot or a wallflower."

I'm not sure who Will and Renee are, but I love this picture.

Rachel has such a beautiful smile!

Charity's "penguins." She confuses her words sometimes.

Polly want a cracker?

The Drummond family

All the guys.

Wow, I wonder what shampoo he uses.


  1. Thanks, Bethany. I know what everyone in this house will want to see the first thing when they get up. I'll go call them.



  2. Nice pics! You do know that Charity is sooo going to kill you for posting that about the Peng
    but it was really funny!!!!

  3. Ohhh, don't you just love family!! You can relate, people are so horrified at the notion of "6 kids!!!" but we have so much fun at this point of life, I feel sorry for the ones who DON'T have 6. How long is your dad in the states?
    Well, I have to confess, it took me rereading to see the humor in Charity's "penguins" and yes, I really DO know the difference but somehow, I willingly accepted that it WAS indeed a penguin.

  4. Dad is only back for another week or so. We really enjoy having him here though!


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