Saturday, June 7, 2008

Just this week my wife and I received something in the mail. Well, I did anyways. It is a brand new toy/tool for me. I got a brand new digital camera. Here are the all the things I got in the package.

Nikon D40 6.1 MP camera

18-55mm lens

55-200mm lens

Wide angle lens

2x telephoto lens

A 3 filter kit (for florescent lighting, UV, and a polarizer)

4GB SD card

USB memory card reader

A cloth camera bag

An aluminum camera case

A 50’ tripod

A table top tripod

A lens cleaning kit

A digital slave flash

A second charger (a rapid car charger)

Screen protectors

And a shield so you still can take pictures while it is raining

We got a really good deal on this. When I added everything I got up at Best Buy’s website, I about had a heart attack because it would have cost over double what we paid for it. The image quality and everything are so wonderful. I tried to post some pictures, but they would not work. May I reiterate once again how I HATE DIAL UP!

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