Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

When I was young, I took my dad for granted. In my mind, everyone had a dad, and everyone's dad was great to them, like mine was to me. That changed as I got older, but some things have not changed throughout the years.

One thing that hasn't changed is that I know that my daddy loves me. While I was growing up, over and over again, I heard the story of how I was born in a snowstorm, and Dad nearly wrecked several times going to visit me in the hospital the next day. He has continued to go out of his way for me ever since. Dad showed/shows his love in so many different ways. When I was little, one of my favorite pasttimes was sitting on Daddy's lap, whether he was talking to someone else, sleeping in our easy chair, or even driving. I remember him letting us kids take turns "driving" sometimes on the way home from church. It made us feel so important, special, and most of all, loved.

Another thing that hasn't changed is that Dad always wants what is best for us. He has given me so much wise advice through the years. One bit of wisdom that I have really been remembering as gas prices soar is that "You don't save money if you go to town (1/2 hour away) just because there is a sale on something. Gas costs too." Dad's practical wisdom has taught me a lot about life.

Dad taught us about respect, also. He didn't just teach us by telling, he taught by doing. I have seen my dad in many situations, but I don't recall a time when he was ever disrespectful to authority. He taught us that if we can't respect the person, we should still show respect for the position. That attitude has helped me more than once as I have been at different jobs.

There are so many fun memories I have with Dad. From nicknames like Beppy, Baby Doll, Beppy Rose, and Eeyore to the trips to town when we would stop at the store for a candy bar and a pop, Dad is full of love for me. The amazing thing is that he has enough love left over for my two sisters, five brothers, and my mom also! It takes a great big heart to be that loving.

Is my daddy perfect? Well, not exactly. I am not trying to paint a flawless picture, but a realistic one. I have seen Dad weep. I have seen rough days in his life, days when he felt like giving up. I've seen him make mistakes and learn from them. So no, he isn't perfect. However, he is the perfect Dad for me.

I love you Daddy!



  1. Oh, daddy's that were good dad's (to the best of their human capabilities) deserve to be "perfect" just for one day. :-) Happy Father's Day Uncle Dave. Oh, and Hello, Jason and Bethany!

  2. HI, Bethany, I don't know you, but my hubby & I know Jason through Jeremy & Tricia. Just read your blog for the first time & enjoyed it. Especially the letter lists & the school pics. I well remember teaching!


  3. hey! i'm glad you left a comment on my blog so that i could discover yours :) i will add you to my google reader. fun stuff!


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