Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday's Fifteen . . . K

1. Kirk - a great brother to have around.
2. Kids - I have been working with kids in some way for the last thirteen years. I love them to death.
3. Kisses
4. Kiev - I miss it. . . I loved living in the big city.
5. Kinship - I am so grateful for my relatives.
6. Krolicki, Ed - my third grandpa.
7. Kittens - they are oodles of fun.
8. Kleenex - so much better than McDonald's napkins!
9. Kitchen - probably the most used room in our house.
Ummmm. . . . I can tell right now that this is going to be a hard letter to finish. Will I have to get the dictionary?
10. Kerosene lanterns - I have fond memories of using them the many times that the electricity went out in Ukraine.
11. Keeping busy - I really am grateful that I have plenty of things to occupy my time. I spent a week at home without a job, and was about to go crazy.
12. King of Kings - yes, I know that I have talked about God in other weeks with other letters, but I am so grateful that we serve the one who rules over all Creation.
13. Kindergarteners - their view of life is so precious!
No dictionary yet. . . can I do it?
14. Kites - I remember one year in particular when we had a kite flying contest when I was in third grade. I loved it.
15. Knots - Another fun memory. When we lived in Ukraine, my brothers would tie each other up and would see if they could untie themselves.
Yahoo! I did it! That took some mind stretching.

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