Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday's Fifteen . . . J

1. Jason - my wonderful husband.
2. Jesus - my Savior and best friend.
3 & 4. Justin and Jeremy - my brothers-in-law
5. Jello - great on a hot summer day!
6. Juno - what would I do without email?
7. Jean skirts - so comfy.
8 & 9. June and July - but I am ready for school again?
10. Jam - we went strawberry pickin' and now I need to make jam.
11. Jumpropes - I have a lot of fun jumping rope with my students at recess.
12. Jenga - one of my favorite games. We had a lot of fun playing it with the Mayhles two weeks ago when they were here.
13. Jobs - both mine (at the school, at the sewing factory for the summer) and Jason's (at the limestone quarry.
14. Jelly beans - the best kind are Jelly Bellies!
15. Jingle Bells - such a fun Christmas song!

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