Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday’s Fifteen . . .G

1. God . . . none of us would be here without him! He deserves all the praise!
2. Grace . . . Unmerited favor. We don't deserve anything, but we are children of the King!
3. Goodness . . . Both of God and of others. So many people have shown goodness and been a blessing to me.
4. Grandparents . . . I have been blessed with two wonderful sets of grandparents, and now, Grandpa Ed, and Grandma and Grandpa Marvin and DeBolt.
5. Grass . . . I'd prefer it over mud anyday.
6. Generosity . . . Without it, I would have never made it through college. I only hope that I am as generous to others as they have been to me.
7. Games . . . One of Jason and my favorite hobbies. He likes strategy games, and I like word games.
8. Grins . . . They make the day so much brighter!
9. Giggles . . . Cause grins, which cause brighter days.
10. Graduation . . . I am so proud of all our graduates here at PVBI. It also signifies the end of the school year, for which I am happy.
11. Griddles. . . I have a wonderful electric one that I use frequently.
12. Gingerbread men . . . I remember decorating them as a child. I loved every minute of it.
13. Google . . . the only way I find things on the Internet.
14. Gospel . . . God gave his Son to die on Golgotha so that we can live eternally. This is the greatest miracle of all.
15.General Tso's Chicken . . . Our staff appreciation banquet was at the China House Buffet this last week. Their food is so good, but my favorite has to be this spicy, sweet chicken.

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