Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday's Fifteen . . . H

1. Heaven . . . I look forward to going there one day.
2. Heroes . . . such as Ruth, Esther, and some modern day ones too.
3. Hope . . . of eternal life, of better things to come.
4. Honesty . . . after working with many deceitful people in previous jobs, I am thrilled to be working in a Christian environment where I can believe people and trust them to be honest with me.
5. Husband . . . what can I say? Jason is incredibly wonderful and good at whatever he sets his mind to.
6. Helpers . . . No one can do anything by themselves. Helen Keller said something to the effect of "One person can do much, but together we can do much more."
7. the Hosiers . . . an elderly couple at our church. I pray frequently that I will keep such a vibrant testimony at that age. They inspire me to keep on keeping on.
8. Hyacinths . . . one of my favorites.
9. Herbs . . . especially mint, rosemary, thyme, and basil.
10. Happiness . . . is to know the Savior!
11. Heartwarming books . . . I know, this is a stretch, but I do love to read books.
12. Hardwood floors . . . were all over the place in Ukraine. I miss them and their beauty.
13. Hospitality . . . I have been blessed many times by other's hospitality. I am so thankful.
14. Home . . . is quickly becoming my favorite place to be. As a "city" person who loves to people watch, that is rather surprising.
15. Higher Ground . . . a great music group that I like to listen to.

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  1. Hi Bethany! Just caught up on some of the stuff on your blog. It was neat getting to see your classes. That was really funny about the tassle. Aren't 3'rd &
    4'th graders the best? Not quite old enough to have attitudes but not young enough to need their noses wiped for them. :)


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