Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday's Fifteen . . . F

1. Friends . . . what a blessing each of my Fabulous Friends are to me.
2. Fun . . . if I remember right, there is no word for fun in Russian. I always wondered if they could have fun if they didn't know what it was. Now I know, fun is fun, whether there is a word for it or not.
3. Freedom. . . and the many Faithful people who Fight for it.
4. Flights . . . like the one my mom flew in on this week. I am so excited about seeing her tomorrow.
5. Frankenmuth. . . a lovely little town in MI. We went there for our honeymoon. It is awesome.
6. Food. . . we have such bounty here in the US. Even though the prices are rising, we don't go without.
7. Feelings. . . without them, life would be so boring.
8. Fresh air . . . it is raining here, and I love the freshness of the air after it rains.
9. Flowers . . . they brighten the day in so many ways.
10. Free stuff . . . that one is pretty self explanatory.
11. Feeders . . . we just got a bird feeder, and I love to watch the birds flitter and flutter.
12. Frappucinos. . . I haven't had one in months, but they have got to be my favorite drink.
13. Fourth graders . . . all twelve of them are wonderful, and I love them to pieces. The things they say are rather humorous at times too.
14. Field trips . . . we are taking one on Monday, and I am as excited as my students.
15. Fans . . . today I don't need one, but I was sure thankful for it yesterday!

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