Friday, May 23, 2008

Cute Quips

Yesterday was elementary graduation. While standing in line waiting for the processional, one of the sixth graders saw that my tassel has an ’06 medallion. She looked at me with shock and said, “You mean you are only two years older than us?” When I explained that I had graduated from college in ’06, that seemed to make a little more sense.

Today was the last day of school. As I was handing out the envelopes full of completed papers, one of my fourth grade boys noticed the supply list for the fifth and sixth classroom next year. He excitedly came up to me, while waving the paper in my face, and said, “Mrs. Morford, guess what! This means I’m going to fifth grade.” I replied that he was. He rushed back to one of his fourth grade friends and said, “Look what I got! I am going to fifth grade. Did you get one too?” If I would have realized that a supply list was all it took, I think I would have sent them on a little sooner!

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