Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Rachel R. tagged me, so here goes.
10 years ago I was ...
Thirteen. . . on furlough here in the States, I think.
Today's top five things on my to-do list...
1. Clean my living room (done)
2. Fold laundry
3. Get our car serviced (done)
4. Spend time with one of my friends
5. Hoe in my garden
I really enjoy to snack on ...

If I were a billionaire I'd ...
1. Finish the multi purpose building at Penn View
2. Establish a fund for Bible college teachers who go without pay
3. Pay off our car
4. Pay for Beavertown's new church
5. Buy a house??

My three worst habits are...
1. interupting my husband
2. procrastination
3. doodling in church

I have lived in these places...
1. Shoals, IN (3 years)
2. Independence, KS (7 years)
3. Kiev, Ukraine (2 years)
4. Lishnya, Ukraine (2 years)
5. Osikova, Ukraine (2 years)
6. All over the United States on deputation (at least 1 year!)
7. Middleburg, PA (1 year)
8. Penns Creek, PA (4 years)
9. Beaver Springs, PA (1/2 year)
10. Beavertown, PA (1/2 year)

I have worked at these places ...
2.Taco Bell
3. Sitting with an elderly lady
4. M&T Bank
6. Best Way Pizza
7. Noah's Arkademy

I would like to know about these people...
1. Mom
2. Rachel Drummond
3. Tricia Morford

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  1. Bethany, Thanks for playing! It was really neat to learn more about you. I hope that you are doing well. It was so nice to see you a few weeks ago! Smiles!


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