Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pictures . . . finally!

One of the roses Jason got me for my birthday/Valentines day. There were a dozen, of various colors.

School Spirit week was great fun for all of us.

My third graders, all dressed up for occupation day. Some very smartly dressed as students. Otherwise, I had a cowboy, a missionary, a teacher and a cook in my class that day.

In fourth grade, I had a hunter, a nanny, a doctor, a speech therapist, two cowgirls, a cowboy, a cook, and 4 students. I dressed as a teacher (since my alarm did not go off as scheduled!).

A couple of my cowboys! Aren't they dashing?

Wednesday was wacky day. Look at all the creative students I had!
Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Yes, Mrs. Morford dressed wackily also.

Thursday was injury day, but unfortunately, I forgot my camera.

Since then, we have had the walkathon, in which I, along with my students, walked 25 laps around the school. For me, this meant eight miles. My students were allowed to walk the small lap around the school, so only walked four.

Ummm. . . I think that is about all that has been going on in my life. Jason will post soon about his part of things.

Have a great week!


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