Monday, April 7, 2008

My previous week!?!

Last week was very interesting to say the least. Usually I do not have many things to post about because I live a somewhat ordinary life. I go to work, go to sleep, and eat, and rinse and repeat. However, this week was all but normal.
Tuesday morning after I finished working (8AM) my boss told me that I was laid off permanently due to a lack of work. I really did not know what I was going to do because I had been looking for another job for the past 3-4 months and the last month really hard, but to no avail. So I looked at the bright side and figured I would at least be able to attend all of missions convention. I looked in the newspaper for a job, which I had done at least 50 times. There was only one job in there in which I was even remotely qualified for. So I applied for it on Friday (after the convention) and had an interview. The person that interviewed me liked me, mainly because I was a Christian, and he gave me the job.
Now this job was a huge answer to prayer, above that it was a job. I am getting .50 more an hour, I am working from 7:30am-4pm (which is the same as what Bethany works), and they are all some form of Christians that work there. It is very exciting to me that I get to actually be with my wife.
Today was my first day at the job and it was a normal first day. Being bored out of your mind trying to learn things nobody is showing you. I also had fun being with Beth. I helped her fill out bubbles for a test she is giving her students tomorrow, poor kids. IQ tests were last week, come on for 3rd and 4th graders, the state needs some help. Now they are giving achievement tests, the state is giving out so many tests I do not see why the kids need to take tests from their teachers they get enough from the state already!!! Any kids going to give me an "AMEN!"?
Anyways, that was about it, but I th-ink I am a-bout to f-all a- sl-eeeeee

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