Monday, April 7, 2008

Missions Convention

Sister Hemmeter was there at missions convention and they were selling the book about her life. She was autographing them too. I bought one as well as Charity, my sister-in-law. Sister Hemmeter means a lot for me. She prays for me often and has my wife's and my picture up on the wall in her living room.

At missions covention on the last day (Thursday) there is always an international meal. This picture is the food that I chose. There were other choices I could have picked. The desert was a 3 milk desert, it was very good and if anyone has the recipe please post it.

The back of the person that you see is the VP of EFM, Steve Height. The other two are the Manners who minister in Taiwan as tent maker missionaries, meaning they do not have to collect funds here is the US to support them.

Here is a picture of the ceiling of the G.I. Straub memorial tabernacle where the missions convention is held. There are several flags of nations hung from the ceiling. I could not fit all of them in the picture. Some of them are very interesting. If you have the time go through a list of all the flags of the nations and you will see some pretty cool ones.

The man sitting with the woman is Steven Mowery, the head of the missions department at PVBI and the backbone of missions convention. The lady is Sister Faith Hemmeter, retired missionary from Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Bolivia. The couple is Rex and Missy McDowell who were recently appointed as missionaries to Costa Rica under EFM.

The picture is upside down. It is a little "thing" from Taiwan. I thought it was pretty cool, but you will have to stand on your head to see what i mean.

This is a puff adder, which is a very poisonous snake found in the country of South Africa. These are all around where many missionaries that I know of stay. This one was killed just a few miles from their compound.

This is just a cool globe the missions department owns. I would love one, but they cost about $150.

This picture and the next are flags at the front of the stage. Sometimes there is a ceremony to bring the flags in. I always like that but they chose not to do that this year.

The next several pictures are of mission display boards. I will tell you to whom they belong if I can remember.
This is the Spanish Director of HIM board.

This lady founded Rope Holders which is a part of mission helps now, listed below.


HIM Caribbean Departments board.

Mission Convention was very good, especially the evening services. When I get some more time I might post some more about it.

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