Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday's fifteen . . . B

1. Belle - our cat
2. Breath - none of us would be here without it.
3. Breeze - today is beautiful with a slight breeze. Just the way I like it.
4. Break - this is the last day of Spring break and I was able to use it to catch up on quite a few things.
5. Bananas - Yummy!
6. Beds - especially the nice comfy one Jason and I have. (We got a great deal on it at a thrift store.)
7. Broccoli and cheese - my favorite food in the whole wide world! (I know it's wierd.)
8. Babies - they are so cute and cuddly, and have such great potential.
9. Bands - I love the liveliness of band music.
10. Books - another one of my hobbies.
11. Bikes - Jason just bought us bikes and we have been riding them together. It is so much fun.
12. Bears - (teddy bears, that is) are so cute and fun to decorate with.
13. Brothers - I have five, and each one is special. They have stood up for me lots of times, and that means oodles and bunches to me.
14. Blogs - I love to read all of yours, and it really helps me to stay connected with my family in Ukraine.
15. Baked pineapple - my dad loves it, I like it, and when I fixed it for my husband yesterday he liked it too! Yea.

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