Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas break!

At Jason's mom's for Christmas. . .

Jason's brother Justin.
Justin's girlfriend Dianne.
Jason's mom, Karen, and stepdad, Will.
Jason and Justin got framed copies of the only baby picture that was taken of their dad. Jason got the Pulpit Bible Commentary on cd along with several books.

I was thrilled to get this, along with a lot of cake decorating tools!

Christmas at Jason's grandma's. . .

Grandpa goofing off. Now I know where Jason gets it.
Aunt Patty
Aunt Joyce
Uncle Gary, Aunt Joyce's husband
The other newlyweds in the family. Jason's cousin Zane with his wife Kristy.
Aunt Patty's husband, Jon. He shares his birthday with Christmas!
Aunt Glenda
Aunt Glenda's husband Harvey
Zoe, Aunt Patty's daughter. She is actively involved in pretty much everything at school.
Aunt Joyce's daughter Simone, who just recently received her second degree black belt.

Grandma and Grandpa, still madly in love after fifty-some years.

Christmas with the Drummonds . . .

Charity made us a delicious dinner of turkey, twice-baked potatoes, green bean casserole, jello salad, rolls, deviled eggs, and dessert.

David and Davey
Rachel and Daniel
Charity opening the tote bag I crocheted for her for Christmas
Kirk got two different coin banks for Christmas. Perhaps a hint about the coins all over his bedroom?

Daniel was adorable, as always.


  1. Glad you finally updated your blog =}
    Nice pictures

  2. Glad to see some faces I know. I can't believe how big Zane and Zoe are (and Zane is married??? I used to babysit him! Ack!) I've obviously lost contact with Aunt Patti. If either of you have an address or email address or anything for her, I'd love to have it. I think there is an email link on my profile page.

  3. WOW! My comments are pretty much the same as Sara's except I never babysat. What a special thing for the boys to get the pictures of their dad!


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