Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snow Day!!

Today a winter storm with snow, sleet, and rain hit Pennsylvania, and so school was cancelled. Unfortunately, I had already gotten up at five to get ready for the day. I did not hear about the cancellation until the news at six. What does a teacher do on her day off? I spent the morning cleaning and baking Christmas cookies. Charity has a Bible study at our house every Thursday night, and I am sure that she and her friends will help me eat the cookies that I am not giving away.

I made three types of cookies, peanut butter, chocolate/caramel chip, and sugar cookies.

I made my sugar cookie dough into pinwheel cookies, for a festive touch.
All my efforts, in a 15 inch diameter.
Finally done!


  1. Bethany, I am seeing green! We did not even get a huricane day this year. I love snow and miss it a lot. I hope you have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy the snow.

  2. The cookies look extremely yummy!!!

  3. James & Marie PlankDecember 22, 2007 at 7:20 PM

    It pay's to be a pastor when you have dedicated people in your church who are willing to help in so many different ways- and even share their Christmas cookies- they were good - we are blessed because of you.


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