Sunday, December 9, 2007

For Vova

Our "new" 2004 Kia Optima. We got a great deal on it, and were quite ready to get rid of our "drive a month, fix a week" car.
These pictures are for my little brother Vova. He loves anything about cars, and always asks us questions about our's. He asked for pictures, so here they are, Vova. Enjoy! We love you!
The sunroof. All automatic, by the way! We had several weeks to enjoy riding with it open, before the blucky weather came.

Jason took these pictures. I guess he wants you to see that it is a dark blue Kia with all the lights intact. :-)
Our big roomy trunk, which can be extended into the seating area if needed. In this picture it is full of drinks and chips for our bus kids. By now, those are long gone!
The front seats. They are adjustable and all that good stuff. The car came with an Infinity CD/tape player/radio, which I love.
The engine. . . I'll let the guys out there discuss this picture. I do think it is the cleanest engine of any car I've ever owned, though.
Anyway, hope these pictures give you an idea, Vova. Come visit us soon so that you can ride in it!

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