Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas in Our Hearts

This is a short story I wrote 3 years ago for American Lit. class. I discovered it yesterday, and thought you might enjoy it.

“They’re gone!” Mr. Burton ran back to his little bedroom. “Honey, wake up! The children are gone! I went to wake them up, and they aren’t in their beds!”
Mrs. Burton drowsily sat up. “Did you check the bathroom?” she asked. When Mr. Burton replied that he hadn’t, she got up, slowly put on her slippers, and together they walked to the bathroom. It was empty. They returned to the children’s bedroom. There was no sign of James and Jessie. “Look, their coats and shoes are gone!” said Mrs. Burton. “They must have gone somewhere, but where would they go? We’ve got to find them!”
Meanwhile, a few blocks away, five year-old Jessie was tugging on James’ sleeve. “Are we there yet? Where is Christmas, James?” James replied with a shrug, “I don’t know. We have to find it, though. Mom and Dad said last night that there wouldn’t be Christmas this year. That can’t happen. We have got to find someone who knows where Christmas is!”
Seven year-old James looked around him. “Let’s ask that lady over there. Do you see her, Jessie? She is the one with all of the packages. They are wrapped up so pretty! Maybe she can tell us where Christmas went!” He walked up to the lady. “Excuse me, can you tell me where Christmas is?” The lady looked at James, scowled a little bit, and then said, “Little boy, don’t you realize that it is rude to interrupt! I am a very busy lady! To answer your question, though, Christmas is just another time that we have to buy gifts for all of those people who think that they deserve them. You have to spend bunches of money, and it doesn’t matter a bit, because the day after Christmas, they’ll be at the mall with everyone else. What do you think they are doing there? Why, they are returning their gifts that you picked out so carefully! They wanted a different color, or maybe they wanted something totally different! That’s Christmas little boy, a big waste of time! Now, run along. I have to find one more present. Uncle Hans is so hard to buy for!”
James hung his head and turned back to Jessie. “Well, I hope that she is wrong. That doesn’t sound like Christmas to me. Let’s just go home. I am tired, and Mom and Dad were probably right. There won’t be Christmas this year. Come on, Jessie.”
“Wait a minute, James!” Jessie said. “Let’s ask one more person. I wanna ask the man with the book in his hand.” She scurried away before James could protest. “Mister, can you tell me where Christmas is? My mommy and daddy said last night that we wouldn’t have it this year.”
“What, no Christmas? My dear child, Christmas is in our hearts. Have you never heard the story of the first Christmas?” he said with a smile. “I’d be glad to tell it to you. Do you see this book?” Both children nodded. “This is the very first Christmas story. It was written by God, and it isn’t a fairy tale. Every bit of it is true. You see, God saw that the world had sinned, and He knew that something had to be done about the sin. When you do something wrong, it has to be punished, doesn’t it?” The children nodded as they listened raptly. They had never heard this story before! It was so exciting! Jessie especially liked the part where the angels all sang. James’ favorite part was the wise men travelling a long, long way just to see a little baby boy. As the elderly gentleman finished the story, he asked, “Would you like to have Christmas in your hearts all the time?”
“Oh, yes!” the children exclaimed. “Well then,” he said, “You must ask Jesus to come into your heart and forgive your sins. Would you like to pray with me right now and ask Him to come into your life?”
The children replied that they would love to, and so, right there on the corner of the busy street, two more children discovered the true meaning of Christmas. As soon as they finished praying, James said, “Bye mister! We have to go tell our parents that we found Christmas!”
Truly, James and Jessie had discovered that Christmas isn’t just toys, food, or gifts, but it is Jesus in your heart, every day! Christmas was real to them, and now, they could tell others all about the wonderful news, just like the shepherds in the story! “Wow,” said Jessie, “My heart is so full of Christmas, I just have to tell someone. Let’s go. Everyone needs to know!

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  1. What a beautiful story. And so true for Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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