Sunday, December 9, 2007

Catching up. . .

We spent Thanksgiving here at our house with our brother Kirk, and sister Charity. We had a good time together, with food, fellowship, and basketball after lunch.
The day after Thanksgiving, we decorated our house for our first Christmas together. Here are some pictures.

Jason decided to wear the pine garland on his head. For once, I caught him being silly on camera! YES!!!

This is a tradition that comes from Jason's side of the family. They buy one Christmas bulb for each family member, painted with their name. Right now we have three, Jason's, mine, and Belle's.

Our finished tree. I also wrapped at least 75 presents for students, bus kids, family, and friends. That took quite a bit of time also!

Our kitchen window. This is where the pine garland ended up!

Our spoiled rotten cat wearing my sister's bell scrunci around her neck. She looked so cute that
Jason had to take a picture. She enjoyed playing with it too. I wonder if Dad thought that it would be used for this when he bought it for Charity two years ago!!

Jason and I went to Bronner's Christmas wonderland on our honeymoon, and these ornaments were some souveniers. I love getting them out and putting them on display.

This Ukrainian ornament is because of my roots. I love having this little touch of my childhood on my tree. The back tells about different Ukrainian Christmas customs.

This was the ornament Jason chose for himself. The front says "You might be from Michigan if. . . " and the back has sayings such as, "you bake with soda and drink pop.", "you use your hand to show where you live.", and "you've had frostbite and sunburn in the same week."

These two ornaments, we chose together. The first has our names and our wedding date on the back, and I love the saying on the other one. If you can't read it, it says, "We may not have it "all together" . . . but TOGETHER, we have it all!

I spent the rest of my Thanksgiving break cleaning and readying my classroom for Christmas. I was able to tackle some major cleaning tasks that I wanted to do before we moved in, but could not because of school responsibilities.

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  1. I'm smiling, I LOVED our 1st C-mas together!! (2nd it bad either) Our "honeymoon ornaments" have turned into a tradition of buying one from every place we go together, it is like a history of us. I am trying to think of a clever way to scrapbk. and thus "catalog" them so we always remember their stories. Have a very Merry 1st Christmas. Make tons and tons of fun memories!

    Rachel Taylor


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