Friday, October 5, 2007

Miscellaneous pictures

Miscellaneous was a 3rd grade spelling word this week, and I try to use the spelling words as often as I can in my conversation/teaching. I guess that habit is carrying over into my blogging. I haven't blogged any pictures for quite some time because of our internet being so splotchy. As a matter of fact, I just haven't blogged for a long time!Jason has started working nights at a local print shop. Normally he sleeps while I am at school, but today, he didn't go to sleep until about five this evening. He didn't even make it to bed!

This is Belle coming home from the pound. You can't really see how small she is, but she was six weeks old at the time.
Belle's first bath. Of course Jason insisted that I give it so that she would not "be mad" at him!

Not every cat chases this kind of mouse! Belle was batting at the mouse cursor on the screen a couple of days after we brought her home.

Sheryl Anderson sliding at our bus cleaning day. We are taking over her bus route starting this coming Sunday. On a normal Sunday we have about nine children who ride with us. Pray that we can be good examples, and that with God's help we can show these children how exciting living for Jesus really is!

Today is Jason's birthday, but we celebrated yesterday with a special meal and this cake. We also went to hear The Marine Corps Band. They were phenomenal! It was a lot of fun.

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