Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Am So Blessed!

Tis the season to be fall-y,
Fah la la la la, la la la la!

Ok, I realize that is strange, but all around me fall decorations are popping up. Leaves are falling, pumpkins are going on sale, and all the bulletin boards are decorated in cheery reds, yellows, browns, and oranges. They all have cute sayings about being thankful. My class colored and cut out leaves today, and wrote a blessing that they have been given on each one. Some were quite interesting. Of course, I had the normal family, friends, dog, and cat, but one of my favorites was the student that was thankful for "my Titanic." I couldn't help but laugh about that one.
As I was making my own leaves to put on the bulletin board, I had trouble coming up with just four things to write. So, I got this brilliant idea. I'll make all my blog readers put up with my little notes of thanksgiving. So hang on for the ride!

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