Monday, August 13, 2007

Same old. . .

Our life has been as normal as it can get recently. I have been working and planning for school. Jason has been working.
Sunday morning I was in charge of the Gospel Station at church. I used a back to school theme, talking about how we should measure up (ruler), stick together (tape or glue), let God erase our sins (eraser), and write our names in the book of life (pen/pencil). The children seemed to enjoy it, although they were very rowdy.
Sunday afternoon, Jason and I went to a nursing home service. Jason spoke and I sang.
Sunday evening, Eric Himelik from Victory Inner City Ministries was at Beavertown, and spoke about his vision of reaching the inner cities for Christ. I believe that he is being greatly used of God. Check out his website at to see more about the ministry he has.
Have a great day! I hope that God sends you a special blessing today!


  1. It was neat to catch up on y'all's lives! Your "school Theme" sounded really cute! Glad y'all are busy about the "KING'S" business!! =)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! The way I made my friendship bread choc., was my recipe calls for INSTANT I used a package of choc. instant pudding!

    Hope all is well your way,
    Love, Heather =)

  2. Yes,
    I am Luanna Wright

    Do you know me.
    Do you happen to know Joe Stratton?


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