Friday, August 24, 2007

My Turn to Take Over This Blog

Now it is my turn to take over this blog and give all of you readers a bit of my perspective. We have been super busy, so busy I miss my wife. We have only seen about 30 min to 1hr per day since Monday and next week looks just as bleak. I actually read this blog to see how her first day at school went.

Wednesday Bethany sang a song with her sister Charity and they did well even though I could not attend. I know they did well because when I went to my bank on Thursday someone told me they heard them and that they did a wonderful job.

While Beth has been busy with getting her classroom in order I have been busy getting our house in disorder. I have been packing as much as I can. Yesterday I packed 6 more boxes. There is still a lot more to pack, but it seems like I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

As Beth mentioned we are heading up to Michigan for a quick visit. My grandmother is going to have Beth and I over for supper on Saturday and it seems like she invited all my aunts and uncles. It makes me feel good that they would do such a thing for me. It makes me feel very special. It will be a quick trip since we cannot leave for Michigan until 9PM on Friday and we have to be back for Bethany to teach early Monday morning.

I was at work today and I was doing something outside when i looked in the adjacent parking lot and noticed a photo shoot going on. If you know anything about the area we live it is right on the Strip or 11/15. If you are not familiar think of downtown, packed cars bumper to bumper. And this "model" was getting her picture taken with a car by what seemed like professionals where this Highway was in the background. She did several different poses including lying on her car, I laughed so hard and told most everyone with whom I was working with, which in turn all went outside, looked, and laughed. Believe me the background is not very scenic!!!

Lastly, August 21, just a few days ago, was Bethany and my 4 month anniversary. It is hard to believe that we have been married for that long, but I would not trade these 4 months for anything. Bethany means the world to me and I love her more than words can express. I could go on and on telling you every reason why Bethany means so much to me, but I am sure you all know. So what do you like about Bethany the most? Is it her tender heart, or her skills with children, or maybe her vocal ability? Anyways, I would love for you to leave comments what you think.


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  1. Hey Beth! It was great to hear from you! Things are going well. I'm sorry that I missed you the other day, i wish i would have seen you, but then you were probably busy with the kids! Congrats on your teaching job-it's very exciting! I know you'll do a good job-you love kids, but also as you stated on an earlier blog entry, that you realize what a responsibility it is! And as for Jason's question-by the way, happy 4 month mark!, I like the fact that Beth is nice to everyone and the fact that she's good with kids


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