Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yesterday Beth and I were supposed to have the day off and we were going to do wonderful things all day. But both of us were asked to work by our employers, so we did. I got out at 4 and Beth at 4:15. I went to Wal-Mart and got tires because my inspection was due and there was no tread on my tires at all. I left a note in Beth's car to come and pick me up. She did so and she got something to eat since I already had. We then went to Champ's Mini Golf in Selinsgrove. It was close throughout the first half of the game, but she blew by me the second half. She won by five strokes. However, I should note that there were 4 holes she never ever made it in the hole. (there is a maximum stroke limit per tee.) I on the other hand made every hole. So though she won, I still felt pretty good. And if there were not those putting limits per hole I am sure that I would have won. Oh well, maybe next time. Either way, we both had a good time being with each other, even if it was not all day like we had planned. (Sorry no pictures.)

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