Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This is my (Jason's) first post. I created this, but other than that Bethany has done all the posting. I have added a few things, like the word of the day, quote of the day, and what happened on today, but that is all.

Sunday Bethany was very busy, and I was not for a change. Bethany had to do the Gospel station (a Sunday school class) in the morning twice. Once for the church children and once for the bus children. Then Sunday night she had to do the Children's service (which is before the main service). In the children's service she made some balloon animals and handed them out to the children. She told the children that their lives were like balloons. Unless filled with breath the balloon is useless, but when filled with air it becomes something malleable in the person's hands. We too are like these balloons. When we are filled with God we are malleable in his hands, but when the air is let out our lives become empty and broken.

Then during the main service she also had to sing a song. She chose the song Statue of Liberty. She did a wonderful job and I was very proud of her. I was going to take a picture of her, but she would not let me. She would have locked me in a room and not feed me for two weeks. No, seriously though, she changed clothes into a green dress and had a little torch she held in her hands. For those of you who do not know this song, it is a very good song. I would have put a music video on here but, I could not find one on youtube.com. Oh well.

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  1. I did not dress up as the statue of liberty! If you believe that, let me sell you a piece of oceanfront property in Missouri!


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