Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Long time, no post!

It seems that my posting is sporadic right now. Since it is summer, I guess I am entitled to slack just a little bit. After all, my life is very busy right now.
I am enjoying my new job at the bank. I am done with training, and am "official." Jason and I just had another trial sermon on Sunday. It was interesting. I actually played the piano for two church services! I was incredibly nervous, but managed to get through a total of six songs without too many mistakes.
Tonight, Jason and I are grilling to celebrate the Fourth, since he has to work tomorrow. We are having hamburgers, coleslaw, baked beans, and watermelon and ice cream for dessert. I can smell the burgers now, and they smell amazing. I am looking forward to fresh watermelon! I can't wait to taste it!

This evening I plan on making strawberry freezer jam. It will be nice to have on hand, and I like making it.

I have to go eat a delicious supper right now, so I'll have to post more later!


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  1. Hope you had a nice early 4th celebration. John is working today too so I understand. He is hoping to catch fireworks afterwork if we don't get rained out. Happy 4th to you both!!


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