Monday, May 14, 2007

Lots of Changes

Today is Jason's first day at his new job. He is now an official Ford Salesman. He is excited, and has enjoyed his day so far. He will get a nice discount, get to drive the cars, and even get his own business cards! We are so happy that this job oppurtunity was available for him. It is a blessing and an answer to prayer.

I have been looking for either a different full-time job, or another part-time job. I have had several interviews. Please help us pray that the right job for me becomes available.

Jason has been called for a couple of trial sermons. This could bring even more changes in our life. We appreciate your prayers for God's guidance in our lives right now. We want to stay in the center of His will more than anything else.

Otherwise, we are getting settled in. All of our many thank-you notes are written, and our life is beginning to be "normal" if that's possible.


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